Download App_file (606Kb)

App_File allows for the simple management of application files stored in a Trimble receiver.

The receiver can be connected via serial or over a TCP connection.


When the receiver is connected to, the directory is displayed.

The Send Files allows sending of an application file, raw and Ctoolbox application files are supported

The application works on current application files by using the right click, note that you need to click on the row before right clicking. (Yes I know it is sub optimal)


The menu has the following options

  • Activate.
    Applies the selected app file to the receiver so that the settings in the receiver will be that of the selected app file.
  • Delete
    Delete the selected application file.
  • Download
    Download the selected application file in a format that can be used by Configuration Toolbox
  • Save as LOC file
    Save the reference information included in the application files as a LOC file for use with
    Google Earth
  • Get Reference Information.
    Gets the reference information from the application file and displays it in the reference tab.