Download BASESTAT (50Kb)

Requires Delphi 5 support package

Usage: BASESTAT [< Log Filename>]

The program is designed so that you can se in real time the response to the TrimComm commands GETBASE and GETRTKSTAT. (Get RTKStat is used by Survey Controller, Get Base is the more official way of getting the information)

When you run the program the following screen will be displayed

The file menu has all the controls for how the system will work.


  • Output Status Byte
    All TrimComm commands have status byte, when this option is checked the status byte will be decoded and output before the information in the packer
    Send the GetBase command at the query rate and display the results
    Send the GetRTKSTATe command at the query rate and display the results. Note that the receiver will NACK this if it doesn’t have the base information
    You may have both GETBASE and GETRTKSTAT enabled. It doesn’t make any sense to have none of the checked.
  • Verbose Output
    If checked then everything in the TrimCom command is displayed. If Verbose is not checked then only a subset of information is displayed. (Hopefully the more useful information)
  • Query Rate:
    Allows you to enter the rate that the system will query the receiver for information. If both message types are selected then they will be sent with a 0.1s gap between the messages
  • Config Com Port:
    Settings are not currently saved
  • Edit/Copy
    Copies the selected output, or the whole output if nothing is selected to the Clipboard.


Once you have selected the options that you want click Start. The system will output to the screen. If you put a file name on the command line then the output will also be stored in this file.

Consult the TrimComm documentation for a description of the fields


    The output window is limited in size. (Which may depend on the OS). Once it fills up the the output is lost. If you are outputting to a file as well then the file will have all of the output.