Download CMR_Test (555Kb)

CMR_test provides a number of features for providing simple tests on a CMR stream


  • Select File\Remote CMR Host to select the SOURCE of the CMR’s
  • Select Incoming connections for the Port that you will provide a modified CMR’s stream to

Normally you will set the SPSx50 to connect to your PC. For applications with older receivers or radios that do not support TCP connections use the a TCP to serial program, such as TCP_Listen once the configuration is correct, click on Connect.


Adjust the sliders to control how the CMR stream is modified.

  • Dropped Packets. % of packets that that will be discarded.
  • Out of order packets. % of packets that will come out of order. when a packet is to be sent out of order it is sent after the next packet. This effectively creates a one second data gap
  • Duplicate packets. The CMR packet will be sent twice in the same second.

Messages to Output

    Allows for filtering of output messages. When a message is checked off the message will not be sent in the output stream.