Download DAT2SG.EXE (26Kb), requires the delphi 5 support package

DAT2SG has a very similar interface to that of DAT2CONT. DAT2CONT takes a static file and converts it to a continuous file. DAT2SG takes a DAT file and converts it to a stop and go file.

The length of the Stop and Go Occupation is defaults to 5 epochs, but it can be changed using the epochs per observation option. At this time the stop and go occupations are hardwired to be always 5 epochs when using the command line to enter files.

The files created have the the same name as the DAT file but have the extension of .SG. The system processes the DAT file in a very similar way to DAT2CONT in what records are discarded.

V 1.00. First release

V1.01: Convert to Delphi 5 and add the option for number of epochs bper S&G occupation