Delphi Support


The windows programs in the JCMBsoft system require a support package for the programs to run. Without the packages you will get an error message indicating the VCL30.DPL/VCL50.DPL is not found. This file contains a number of required routines. These routines could be included in within each program, this increase the size of every file by a large amount and would have to be downloaded again with each update. Which is why they are not included in the files.

These files only need to be downloaded ONCE for all of the Utilities

If you get a message VCL30.DPL is not found then you need to download the installable Delphi 3 support package (1.2Mb). Unzip and run setup after downloading.

If you are getting a message VCL50.DPL not found then you need to download the installable Delphi 5 support package ( 2.2Mb). Zip file.

NOTE on installation of general programs: Most programs are just a single standalone EXE file, you will need to create a short cut to the program, to run from the command line. These are not installable items as the install program adds 300 Kb to the size of the download. You can download an installable version of all the programs if you would prefer.