Fast Static/Rapid Static Project


The Fast Static (Rapid Static) Project is being developed because

  1. Fast/Rapid static still is an important technique for GPS
  2. No manufacturer has done anything with Fast/Rapid Static for the last 10 years
  3. It is a good system to investigate how the internet can improve productively.
    • It lends it self well to a Jabber based implementation


The Project has a number of planned stages

  1. Fast Static Classic
    • What you get from a manufacturer today
    • Enter the times wait for the time
    • A Version was Created that works over IP as well Fast_Static_Classic_IP
  2. Better Fast Static
    • Timers based on a different elevation mask form the storage
      Log at 10 but the timers based on 15
    • SNR monitoring
      If the SNR’s are low then the SV shouldn’t be counted in the timers
  3. Internet
    • Check data availablity between all the receivers, not just one.
      • So if a SV is blocked at one location and a different one is blocked at another location then both SV’s would be removed from the timers
    • Start when you get there, wait for everyone.
      • Currently for the timers to be useful you have to wait for everyone to get to the point. Which in the >2 receiver case isn’t optimal.
  4. Real time processing
    • It should be possible to check to see if the base lines will solve in near real time, the data is sent to a server, it processes the baselines, checks the loops and indicates if you are ready to go or not.
    • Might not get to this one