Download FS2DATS.EXE (57Kb),

Requires delphi 5 support package

Takes a DAT file that has multiple occupations in the file, this is normally from a fast static occupation set.

It shouldn’t be needed, but there are some systems that do not deal well with the multiple occupations in the file well, conversion to RINEX for example.

The system creates a file for each point in the file, if there are multiple occupations of the same point in the file then the earlier occupations in the file have a (N) added to the file name.

Where N is the occupation number in the file. Not the number of duplicate observations in the file

A .BAK file will be created in the first phase, see the Known Bugs section, for reasons that this is a good idea.

Known Bugs:

The system will not work as expected in the case that their point with the same name as the master file that is being processed. The master file will generally be lost in this case.