Geoffrey's Reference System


Geoffrey’s Reference system is a system that provides reference station like functions when combined with a Trimble receiver that supports the RFILE system.

The system produces zipped DAT files, names as if they came from a URS/TRS in a requested directory. File management is also provided.

Download GRS


New in V2

  • Auto Baud rate detection
  • Auto survey starting if receiver is not logging

V1.0 Features

  • Download of receivers via Rfile.
  • Automatic creatation of DAT files
  • Optional zipping of DAT Files
  • File management,
      Age of DAT files
      Size of files in directory
  • SSF and Rinex files haven’t been done but they are simple to do.
    Modem support is not currently in the system, but it is simple to do as well


  • An RFILE file capable receiever
  • The RFILE tools, RFILE is required
  • RDATNAME is included in the package, this is a unoffical trimble tool
  • 4DOS/4NT (Get a Shareware version)
  • A scheduler for running the system
    Under Win95/98/Me there is a nice scheduler, under NT use AT or find another scheduler.
  • Enough free environment space for the settings

Download the GRS system (276Kb)


    See the configuration page for how to configure the GRS download system

    Configure the receiver to continously log data. Varies by receiver. For most receivers is can now be done automatically by the GRS.

      4000’s require special option
      4700’s use timed app files
      5700’s requires firmware that supports the feature, or timed app files.

    Schedule the GRS batch file to run under 4DOS after the rollover of the receiver.

    That’s it.

Things that might go wrong.

    Your scheduler might not run the batch file under 4DOS/4NT. The NT/2000 scheduler that I use will not run the system under 4NT. The way I solve this is that I have a batch file in the GRS directory that has the following line