OPUS is a system provided by NGS in which you can send a RINEX file to NGS, via a web page, the results are then emailed back to you. The result is from the processing and adjustment of baselines from the closest three stations.

There are a number of issues with the OPUS system from a standpoint of trying to automate the system.

  1. There is a requirement to use the interactive web-page.
  2. The results are in an email that is designed to be read by humans.
  3. The results are in emails, which normally require manual processing

There are a number of programs in the system

  • SendOPUS (Sends a file to the OPUS system without using the web interface)
  • OPUS_pro_POP3 (Process all OPUS files in the mail box, making a CSV file sutiable for plotting)
  • OPUS_POP3_stat (How many OPUS files are waiting to be processed)
  • OPUS PLOT (Plots the opus results)

All programs require the PERL support package.