Download OPUS.DLL (350Kb)

There is a Stand Alone version Opus.EXE that allows importing into Trimble Business Center, as a two step process. It will create a .DC file based on the first file that is selected.


OPUS is a plug-in importer for Trimble Geomatics Office. It allows for simple importation of the results of a NGS OPUS processing session. See also the Automated OPUS system

To add the importer to TGO V1.6+,

Download the DLL and store it in a location that will not be delete C:\Program Files\Trimble for example

Select File/Import
Select the Survey Tab.
Click on the Customize button
Click on Add
Select the location that the DLL was saved to.

There will now be an importer called NGS OPUS in the list.


Step 1: In your mail program save the results from the opus processing as a text file.

Step 2: In TGO

Select the NGS OPUS importer from the import list

A file open dialog will be displayed, select the saved email. The following dialog will be displaied

Enter the point name and point code for the point (Both can be 16 characters) Select the co-ordinate to import NAD83 or the ITRF co-ordinate


    The OPUS system does NOT apply the antenna height used in the processing to the positions imported. OPUS today applies the antenna height to the positions.