Downloadf PiFront (33Kb), Requires the Delphi5 Support package

PiFront is designed to be used with PiLab. It is a front end to the editing of the PiLine.ini files.The benifits of the system is that the co-ordinates for the points/DAT files are stored in text files, which means when you have a large number of combinations of points to look at the system is much easier to use.


Run PiFront from the directory that your files are stored. Normally you would do this from a different window than you will launch PiLab from. This allows you to edit the PiLine.ini file without exiting PiLab, in this case you just Click the “Clear Memory” button

The following screen will be displayed.

Clicking on OK will create (without a message) a PiLine.INI file.

Clicking Cancel will exit the program


The general method for the working of the fields is as follows

Selecting a file name from the list will fill in the XYZ co-ords for that point. Selecting the ... button will open a file open dialog that will allow you to set select any file.(you can also type into the field)

Selecting a file that is not in the list will require that you type in the XYZ for the point, if the point name field is blank. If the point name field is not blank then the co-ordinates from the point name will be used.

Selecting a point name will change the XYZ to be that of the point. The filename will be unchanged.

The XYZ can be edited at any time, if these are edited then the point number will be blanked.


Configuring the system:

The File and point information are stored in files called


Both of these files have the format

Name,X,Y,Z in meters.

Note that for file names the name SHOULD have the .DAT extension.



The system will read a Survey.DAT, but it will only write a Piline.INI