Download Pos_Monitor

Requires Delphi5 Support Package

Usage Pos_Monitor <Packet Log File>

The Pos Monitor System is designed for logging postions from any Trimble Receiver using GetPos3. (Which is the main command for getting details).

If the packet log file is given on the command line, then anything displayed in the output window will be stored to this file


  • Position Type.

    Request position type from receiver

  • Lat Long Height
  • XYZ
  • Dn,De,Du
  • Dx,Dy,Dz

Note that the deltas are only available with areal time survey.

  • Configure Com port.

    Configuraton of the COM port for commuication to the receiver

  • Ouput Status Byte

    Outputs the receiver status byte to the screen/Packet log file.

  • Output Level

    Level of detail required in the screen/Packet log file.

  • Output Old Positions

    If old positions should be output to the screen/log file. Recommended to be off.

Old positions are either

  1. Receiver isn’t positioning for some reason
  2. There is no new position since it was last requested. For example, if the receiver is running in 1Hz mode, and you ask for the position 5 times a second, you would have 5 positions, 4 of them will be old positions.
  • Log Summary

    If the system should log a summary file, which is a CSV file of the postion information.

  • Position Query rate

    How often will the system ask for a position from the reciever.

  • Summary Log file

    Controls the location of the log files.