Download ScModem (45Kb)

Requires Delphi support package

The ScModem program is designed to aid in testing any modem based system, (orginally for Survey Controller). It can be used in in any application when you need to be able to force a flow control state for testing.

When started the system displays the main screen


The port and baud rate that are displayed are the ones that will be used when the Start button is pressed. The com port is not active until start is pressed.

Use the File Menu/Config Com Port to change the com port settings.

The Flow Control button can be used at any time, although normally it is used during testing.

The Button indicates which mode flow controll will go to.

There are two modes

Carrier and NO Carrier

In Carrier mode the PC is indicating that it is ready to accept data
In No Carrier mode the PC is indicating that it is NOT ready to accept data.
(This is how the flow control works when using a modem and the trimble base cable.)

What is happening is that the state of the DTR line is changed base on this button. This can be ued for testing other devices that need flow control