Download Set_Station (60Kb)

Requires Delphi support package


Set_Station Name Lat Long Height Rx_Type Serial Ant_Type Ant_Height {Files*}

Where parameters, in order

  1. Name:     Station Name must not have spaces
  2. Lat:       Position in decimal degrees
  3. Long:     Position in decimal degrees
  4. Height:    APC height in meters
  5. Rx_Type:  Receiver type
            26= 5700 24=4700 19=4000SSi
  6. Serial number: Upto 8 characters used for antenna and receiver
  7. Ant_Type:   Two leter code for antenna
            MC=K3 MCwGP=G3 Zephyr=KZ Zephyr Geo=GZ Unknown=E
  8. Ant_Height:  Antenna height in meters
  9. Files:     Any number of DAT files

Takes a DAT file from the commands line, and sets the station information to the parameters that are given. A new file .SET is created

Note: All the paramters except that file names are required, if the file names are omitted then the system will work in interactive mode.