Download T0x2RMAP

usage: t012RMAP [-OPTIONS] <Input File> <Output File>

-dposrate   Decimation rate for positions
-sTIME     Start time (ignore data before this time) [secs]
-eTIME     End time (ignore data after this time) [secs]
<Input File>  Trimble T00/T01 format file
<Output File> File to get the RMAP format file

T0x2RMAP is used to convert the positions stored in a Trimble T01 or T02 file into a ASCII file that can be used by other applications. The output file is the RMAP format. This format is used in the Radio_Mapper system to produce KML files of radio coverage.

Known issues:

  1. ECEF is not output in the file, this can easy be done if needed
  2. The Deltas from the base station, currently not being recorded by the GPS receiver
  3. The system assumes that the positions are logged at 1 second. The values are correct except when the system has to propagate an outage. Which occurs when the receiver is not doing RTK