Download TCP_LISTEN (95Kb)

Usage TCP_LISTEN [ConfigName] [AutoStart] [AutoAutonomous] [AutoFloat]

TCP_LISTEN provides the ability to connect to a TCP/IP port and have the data from this TCP/IP stream send out a serial port and/or logged to a file, optionally in hourly files. It also supports logging the data that is returned from the device in a different log file

The system also provides some optional VRS test tools, in that you can configure positions that will be sent to the server.

The Parameters are as follows, note all of the precending parameters are required. So to use autoFloat you must have Config Name, AutoStart and AutoAutonomous

  • Config Name:
    The name of the configuration that is stored in the registry. This allow you to use for different servers without having to change the configuration each time.
  • Auto Start
    If the system should automatically connect on start-up
    Option enabled by a second paramter
  • AutoAutonomous
    If the system should send the autonomous position after connecting
    Option enabled by a third paramter
    Enables timeout feature
  • AutoFloat
    If the system should send the float position after the autonomous
    Option enabled by a forth paramter
    Enables timeout feature

TimeOut Feature

    When the timeout feature is enabled the system will exit after not getting data for at least 10 minutes (In pratice 10-20minutes).

    This is normally used with a system that auto restarts the process after an error.