TGO Backup system


Download the TGO_Back system zip file(350Kb). Includes the EXE and ZIP32.DLL 

Does not current require the support package as it is a Delphi 5 application
Requires ZIP32.DLL to be installed in the windows\system directory

TGO_Back provide a simple backup system for TGO and TSO. It ZIP’s all files in the project directory and all sub directories

When run the following dialog is displayed


Select a project then click on OK, or double click the on the project to backup the project.

Click on the folder button to change the directory that the projects are stored in.

A standard file open dialog will be displayed with the name of the ZIP file to be created. The default name of the zip file is project.ZIP.

Click on the System button to backup the system files, default name is ‘system’.

The following system files are backed up

  • *.FRM
  • *.FCL