Download X29_2KML.AWK (4Kb)

Usage: X29_2KML <X29 >KML_File


ViewDat -X -D29 fred.t01 | AWK -f X29_2KML.AWK > Fred.kml

Requires: Awk

X29_2KML Takes a ViewDat -X -D29 output from a T01 file and creates a KML file that can be viewed in google earth.

Hopefully it is obvious that since the application uses T01 Type 29 records you need to log positions internally into the receiver to provide the data. The application doesn’t care about the logging rate, it uses the latency information stored in the T01 file. 1-5 Seconds is generally recommended for the logging interval.

The file will display a path in Google Earth that is colour coded based on the radio coverage.

Latency <=2.1 seconds: Green

Latency >2.1 and <10 seconds: Yellow

Latency >10 seconds, or latency not available Red.

When viewing the path goes from Green to Yellow and then Red, radio coverage was really lost at the start of the yellow.

An Example file is Sample.KML

An example view is


The path is set to be 2m above the surface in Google Earth, you can change this by changing the value of antenna_height in the file, line 4